Hey you.

I’m L.

I’ve created this site for women who feel like their sexual spark has been blown out, but who want to be more sexually empowered, confident and liberated in the bedroom.

Basically, women who feel like this:


But WANT to feel like this:


I do this because I’ve experienced a low sex drive too- the disheartening, lonely and frustrating realisation that your sexuality has fallen to the wayside whilst you’ve been too busy living. You can read more about little old me here.

I want to share with other women what I’ve learned from my journey.

That for the vast majority of women, their sex drive isn’t gone.

They aren’t broken.

Rather, with some simple everyday tips, they can tap back in to that sexual energy and life force that lives inside each of us.

For most women, their libido is just lying dormant.

It’s about learning how to ignite it again.

Do you want to feel alive again and experience more pleasure, intimacy and energy with your partner?

All it takes is a single spark to light a fire

From my journey, I’ve found there are five key areas of life where an imbalance can lead to a low sex drive.

The great news is that all of these are within your control to change.

YOU can have a sex life that exists in technicolour- that’s vibrant, healthy, liberated.

It’s waiting for you- are you ready to reawaken?

To get you started, click here to access the DIY Sex Drive Coaching section, where we can take stock of where you are now and what’s holding you back from being having the sex life of your dreams.








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